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A special episode of the TriDoc podcast with a crossover debut of another podcast! Dead and Slaughter visit the Bates Motel to discuss the impact that...View Details

The Halo Sport employs transcranial direct current stimulation to prime your brain to train more effectively and at higher intensity than otherwise po...View Details

It's holiday season and off season for many so drinking alcohol is very much on the menu. But when training begins again and races are on the horizon,...View Details

Recovery is an important part of training for triathlon. Can supplementing with branched chain amino acids (BCAA) after intensive or prolonged exercis...View Details

The GO2 breathing device has been swamping social media advertising with bold claims about how using it can dramatically improve performance. What is ...View Details

The TriDoc Podcast returns with a look at the evidence behind the use of pneumatic compression garments. Is there science behind the hype or is it all...View Details

Welcome to the Tri Doc Podcast! In this episode: Acetaminophen and NSAIDS, safety and efficacy in training and racing/Interview with Kelly Phuah/Ree...View Details

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