The Covid-19 pandemic has shaken the world in ways that we can barely begin to comprehend. Why all the fuss? The TriDoc brings a triathlete's perspective to understanding this disease and why we need to take it so seriously. How long will all this last and what can we do to stay safe?Mikael Ericksson preaches the science behind triathlon and has a podcast dedicated to the same. He joins me to give his perspective on this and other matters in coaching and training. Finding motivation in this time of isolation can be difficult. On a new segment I speak to a guest to learn how they are managing.

Hydration during training and racing is important but can you get by on plain water alone? Laurel Graham is an Ironman athlete racing in the physically challenged division with Charcot-Marie-Tooth muscular dystrophy. She talks about her journey and how to not piss her off because you don't want to make her stabby. The triathlete routard is off to the Buckeye state to review the Ohio 70.3 race

Beetroot juice has been theorized and advocated to improve endurance sports performance for years. There are plentiful options of supplements to choose from but does the science support their use? Peter Sankoff is a professor of law and the co-founder of Animal Justice, a Canadian animal rights advocacy group. He is well positioned to discuss the Game Changers and the moral and ethical issues around meat consumption. And Reels for Wheels is here for the final episode of the year with recommendations for your recovery rides.

Photobiomodulation is the application of red or near infrared light to muscles to enhance performance or recovery. The devices that do this are pricey and marketed as having pretty consistent benefits across a wide breadth of applications. But are they worth the investment and do they actually do what their makers claim? Dr. Rolf Halden is an environmental engineer and professor at Arizona State University. He co-wrote a report for the Pew Charitable Trusts on the environmental impacts of animal farming and is well suited to opine on the Game Changers.Finally, Reels for Wheels suggests Wanted and Drive for your trainer rides.

Electrical muscle stimulators in the form of transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulators (TENS) or neuromuscular electrical stimulators (NMES) are expensive devices with manufacturers who justify their costs based on claims that they can improve strength, recovery and healing from injury. Are those claims backed by science? I look at the evidence and weigh in on whether or not these devices make for a good investment. In my continuing series looking at the controversies raised by the Netflix documentary the Game Changers I speak to a professional triathlete with an impressive track record and a diet that includes animal products. We did not get this perspective in the film so Chris Leiferman brings it here. Finally, Reels for wheels has two new film recommendations to help you get through your winter trainer rides.

The Halo Sport employs transcranial direct current stimulation to prime your brain to train more effectively and at higher intensity than otherwise possible. Or at least that's what its makers would have you believe. Is it true? What does the evidence really say and is it worth $400 for this device? Casey Poe Campbell is a nutritional consultant who has a viewpoint that was not represented on the Netflix documentary the Game Changers. She believes that athletes MUST consume animal products to be healthy. She shares her thoughts and opinions of the film. Reels for Wheels has two new movie suggestions for your trainer rides; Baby Driver and Dunkirk.

The StaminaPro aims to be a recovery aid with a difference. By wearing it during exercise its makers claim that you can benefit from 'active recovery'. What does this mean? Is there any evidence to support these claims and should you consider this patch for your own recovery toolbox? For part 3 of my series exploring the issues raised by the Game Changers film, I speak with Daniel Reintjes, aka the Vegan Powered Athlete. Daniel has embraced a plant based diet and feels that it has made him healthier and a better athlete. He tells me why that is and how he got there.Reels for Wheels has two new recommendations for your trainer rides.

The TriDoc Podcast is one year old! In this episodes a look at the science behind compression garments? Sure they make you look great but how well do they affect performance and recovery? In the second part of my series exploring the issues and controversies raised by The Game Changers I am joined by Simin Levinson, a nutritionist and sports dietician from Arizona State University. What are her thoughts on plant based diets for athletes? Finally, Reels for Wheels has two new suggestions for your trainer rides; a heist film and a kung fu classic.

It's holiday season and off season for many so drinking alcohol is very much on the menu. But when training begins again and races are on the horizon, should drinking alcohol remain part of your routine? What is the evidence for how alcohol impacts performance and recovery? The Netflix documentary the Game Changers was a hugely controversial film but still thought provoking. In this episode I begin a multipart exploration of some of the many issues raised by the film makers and try to give a more evenhanded approach. Dr. Peter Ungar is the first guest and will discuss the evolution of human diet-have we always eaten meat? Must we continue to do so? Reels for Wheels looks at the Holiday classic (?) Die Hard and a more recent entry, Logan Lucky.

Recovery is an important part of training for triathlon. Can supplementing with branched chain amino acids (BCAA) after intensive or prolonged exercise help enhance that process and does it confer any performance benefits? Iliac artery endofiobrosis id a devastating diagnosis increasingly affecting cyclists and occasionally triathletes. Although it still remains rare Dr Kent MacKenzie a vascular surgeon fro Montreal, Canada joins me to discuss this disease, its diagnosis and management. Reels for Wheels bearings you more Keanu Reeves movies to help make trainer rides more enjoyable. This time we discuss the Matrix trilogy.

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