In this episode the TriDoc answers a question about a specific nutrition strategy for training. We all work hard to go fast but should we consider the...View Details

Episode 6: What is the Female Athlete Triad? How can it be detected, prevented and managed? How big of a problem is it? Nathan Carlson from Runningmat...View Details

A special episode of the TriDoc podcast with a crossover debut of another podcast! Dead and Slaughter visit the Bates Motel to discuss the impact that...View Details

Bicarbonate has been advocated as a means of enhancing performance for many years by virtue of its ability to neutralize lactic acid in muscle cells b...View Details

USAT released guidelines for a phased approach to a return to racing. Do these guidelines make sense? Will they adequately protect participants from i...View Details

Wearing a mask reduces the spread of Covid-19. This is not debatable. Some have suggested that wearing a mask is necessary when exercising because hea...View Details

In part 2 of my series on muscle cramps I look at the science behind the neuromuscular theory of exercise associated muscle cramps. Is this the real r...View Details

Exercise associated muscle cramps are the bane of many athlete's existence and cause so much havoc to even the best laid plans.Despite more than a hun...View Details

Morton's Neuroma is a common cause of foot pain especially in middle age and more so in women. What is it and how can it be treated? George Cespedes h...View Details

Blood donation is the ultimate selfless gift to those in need. But how does the gift of life interfere with endurance sport? Does a pint of blood resu...View Details

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